pleasant tree. Decision tree is also so easy to understand as pleasant the above tree is

There are many wonderful blogs and tutorials on decision tree but I haven’t found one, where complete example of building a tree is shown. So, I would like to explain it using simple math with very well known example (toy dataset, commonly used for explaining decision tree).

What is Decision Tree ?

In simple words, it is one of the supervised learning algorithms, which is used for both classification and regression tasks but has non-linear structure unlike SVM, linear regression,etc. Decision trees are well known for their interpretability nature.

“Decision trees” — breaking down our data by making a decision based on asking a series…

What is Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Science and How are they different ?

Now-a-days, because of hype, these terms are being used interchangeably. In this blog, I would try to briefly distinguish between these terms.

Note : There are many different definitions available for these terms in the internet, which are also certainly true. So, the below explanation is not the only way to interpret these terms. However, I would try to explain these terms with help of demonstrating few applications as well as in simple terms.

In this blog, I would use AI for Artificial…

This is continuation to previous chapter. Please go through it before you read this blog or else you will find it very difficult to understand this article.

As we discussed previously all the possible cases with three people. So, if we there are more than three people in the network, then How do stable network or stable relationships look like ?

Few examples to understand scenario

Example-1 : Three people fighting are participating in a ‘tug-of-war’ game.

Fig-1 : Tug of war between three people

Assuming three people fighting in a tug-of-war game (“Anoy” , “Seret” and “Cures”).

It ends up into CHAOS. This fight goes on… , there is no resolution to this situation.

But, when two people joins as one team and…

Positive and negative relationship (image source : lifehack)

Relationships starts from birth and remains till death, for all the living things on the planet. It is at least true with humans(in terms of friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, etc…). They are inevitable at any stage of life. Social networking is a great way to connect with people and interact with them, when necessary. Understanding relationships with respect to social networks is fun and interesting.

Objective of this entire series is to

  1. Understand what kind of relationships are STABLE and UNSTABLE.
  2. Is Enemy’s Enemy an Enemy ? (will be discussed in parallel to 1st objective)
  3. What kind of structural balance…

I assume that, people who are reading this blog already have some idea about deep learning concepts and Multi Layered Perceptrons. If you are completely new to these concepts, you may not understand this blog. kindly, revisit after you learn basics of deep learning.

In very simple terms, important task in training a neural network model is to find best weights (weight matrix), which helps in reducing the error and minimizing the loss to achieve the objective of the given problem (classification or regression).

So, understanding the model summary in detail (output shapes, input shapes and number of parameters) is…

Recently , I was trying to build a CNN-LeNet with MNIST dataset using “sigmoid activation function”, I really got shocked by the results it gave, then I tried it using tanh activation function. It gave the best result, which can’t be compared to sigmoid. Then, I actually thought of going back to MLP and understand “why is tanh outperforming sigmoid”. This blog is written for my future reference and would help someone who has same doubt.

I assume that, people who are reading this blog already have some idea about activation functions and Multi Layered Perceptrons. If you are completely…

I was quite amazed by this Survey results when I actually performed analysis on it. Here are those:

This Survey was conducted by Kaggle to understand what is happening with machine learning in different industries and the best ways for new data scientists to break into the field.

Image source :

This survey helps us analyse behaviour patterns and marketplace trends of Data Science practitioners’ and Use of Data Science in Industry. This analysis might help Aspiring Data Scientists to understand better about trends in Data Science and achieve their goal.

This survey consists of 200+ questions , which was answered by 19717…

Data Visualization : Heart of Project Presentation

Data Visualization using python

Beautiful plots and charts have power to speak out by just looking at them without deep explanation. It can be done with support of code written in the backend.

No matter, how great is backend code, clients as well as non-technical people can’t understand them. The only way to impress them is with your presentation skills technically.

In python, we have many libraries for data visualization. Among all mostly used are matplotlib, seaborn and plotly. In this part, I will discuss about matplotlib basics and it’s attributes.

Few points about Matplotlib

  1. It is the most popular plotting library in python and it was designed…

Dictionaries are one of the most widely used and important data structure in python. Unlike data structures in python( lists, tuples, strings, sets and frozensets), where they have only value as an element , dictionary has a key-value pair.

I assume that you have basic idea about lists and tuples in python because in this blog , I would discuss only about dictionaries and compare lists with dictionaries in few instances. The following are the topics that will be discussed.

  1. Few limitations of lists(not in terms of technical), where dictionary can be used.
  2. How dictionaries are created and how can…

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